About Home Exterior Systems

The Home Exterior Systems and Our Siding, Windows, and Roof Replacement Mission

No high-pressure sales tactics.

One of the key things about Home Exterior Systems as a company is that our competitors tell us that we’re leaving money on the table. That their high-pressure, one-call-close salespeople will “steal” business from us if we don’t sell “their way.” Well, that’s not for us. It’s not how we like people to deal with us, and we will not deal with our customers that way either. HES will advise you as if you’re a close family member. You know, one of those good family members that everyone likes and wants to please. Like that. We want you to get the very best value for your money. We want you to be beyond happy with us in every way imaginable, from the very first call to the final review.

100 % guaranteed workmanship

We unconditionally guarantee that we install your siding, windows, and roofing correctly. We don’t make very many mistakes, but we are human, so if we do mess up, we make it right. We do the right thing, period.

Integrity, and our code of ethics

Refunds, rebates, or price reductions occur from time to time, sometimes months after project completion. Upon receipt of the unexpected check, customers sometimes ask, “why didn’t you keep the money? I wouldn’t have known.” The answer is always the same: We would have known. That would not be doing the right thing. We keep what we earn. No more, and no less.

Only A+ certified pro installers

When things get hectic, many contractors will “promote” crew members to help work the backlog of projects. If yours happens to be the home siding, windows, or roofing project that gets those less experienced people you’re getting what we consider to be a C or D level crew to install your stuff. It “may” be installed correctly or it may not. Home Exterior Systems has only A+ Crews. They are highly-skilled craftsman that have worked together for a very long time. HES installation teams are so talented and efficient; that they rarely need to talk as they work. When the crews are done, wow. The quality, oh my, the quality of the work is like that of a fine artist. The craftsmanship and detail are exquisite! Just look at some of the recent examples of our work to see for yourself.

We strive to keep our promises, always.

It may be a little thing, but we believe it’s an important thing. You deserve to have a contractor that will strive to not only make promises, but also one that aims to keep them! An exterior renovation is tough sometimes when you’re dealing with so many moving parts. Mother Nature, materials deliveries, damaged materials, delivery errors, and more. Still, whenever possible, we pledge to be there when we say and to do what we promised if at all possible always.



About Home Exterior Systems

HES is a top replacement contractor in the greater Houston area since 2003

Yes, it is possible that our price may end up being on the higher side, but we believe you’ll understand why when you factor in all that you get from Home Exterior Systems. (If you are quoted a price that is lower than ours you should be very suspicious!)

We want you to know beyond all doubt that there is nobody on the planet earth that will give you more value, peace of mind, security, and lasting beauty than Home Exterior Systems. The difference between proper and improper installation can cost you 20 years or more of useful life! The scary part is that it’s almost impossible to see the mistakes until a few years pass. We need you to know beyond all doubt that we have your back in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Accidents happen, and our warranty process is there to get you through it. The bottom line: the Home Exterior Systems team wants you to be so thrilled with our relationship that you tell your friends all about us.

Meet The Owners

Meet the Owners


If ever there was a multi-hat donning voice to HES, it’s co-owner Vicky McCollim. Nearly all customers speak with her at some point in her oversight of all customer and vendor relations. With over 15 years in the home improvement field, the down-to-earth Vicky has a keen understanding of the business and how to help people get what they want without frustration. Even as busy as she is, her growing family and faith are always a very high priority. Her many talents include home decorating and cooking – affectionately called “the sandwich magician.”


Patrick “Pat” McCollim is co-owner of HES, wearing many hats, including the President and CFO. Pat brings a high level of sophistication and leadership, rare in the remodeling world. Honed over three decades in finance and new business development for one of the largest companies in the world. He sees great opportunities for customers to get better results than ever. Better value and overall satisfaction by focusing on and measuring what’s important to them.  Pat is driven. Driven by family, faith, and an overwhelming desire to do things right. Pat refuses to settle for less than excellence in all things.


HES Partner & Co-owner Caleb McCollim has a degree in Finance and has used his education in an eclectic mix of opportunities. He spent four years abroad teaching Business English at a premier University in Beijing, China. Caleb has had the privilege to travel to 5 continents and over two dozen different countries. A unique experience in many diverse cultures. He brings atypical knowledge and perspective of customer service. Caleb is dedicated to excellence in our team. He has developed the art of listening to customers. Listening results in connecting customers with the right finished project for them. Caleb is the future of HES.


Your home's exterior parts: the siding, windows, roofing, exterior doors, gutters, and patio work together as a system to keep you and your family safe, secure, and dry. Treating them as a connected system enables Home Exterior Systems to deliver maximum value and protection for your family and your investment. The combination of people, products, processes used equates to superior warranties that give HES customers even more peace of mind.


Most replacement contractors skirt over the issues of warranty. Most contractors will cite the manufacturer's documentation for details. The problem is that when a warranty situation arises, there is no documented process for you, the customer, to follow. You must call and take your chances. This is not the case with HES. We have a clear and accessible process that you can activate anytime, 24/7. All we need is a little information to get the process started, and we'll take it from there.

Learn more about what Home Exterior Systems means by "Customers for Life" and the homeowner benefits you enjoy long after the job is completed.

More About Home Exterior Systems

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Home Exterior Systems, LLC (HES) has distinguished itself – replacing residential siding, windows, roofing -- as one of the good guys in the Greater Houston area since 2003. As hundreds upon hundreds of satisfied homeowners will certify, when you need a home remodeling contractor, the expert team at HES is an unbeatable choice by any measure. From the zero-pressure sales manner to the final project review, the goal remains: deliver the highest quality results, as stress-free as possible, and with the utmost integrity.

The Team

The privately held company is family-owned with operations in multiple locations in the Greater Houston Metro area. The core management team believes in surrounding themselves with great talent and expect excellence from all always. HES outpaces other contractors for many reasons. HES embraces technology everywhere, which speeds reliable communication, allows constant performance measurement, and adds dozens of other customer benefits. In the field, there is a relentless focus on continual improvement, hiring and training the best people, and upholding strong brand loyalty to the makers of the best building materials, such as James Hardie products.

A Different Way of Doing Business

HES embraces the notion that anything that streamlines your project keeps you aware and feeling in control to the extent you prefer is always a good thing. Experience tells us you expect clear documentation, transparent project management, regular communication, with no human-caused surprises during all project phases.

All People Connected

HES achieves results more and more efficiently through connected technology. Suppliers, Sales, Support, Installers, and, most importantly, Customers. This unique and proprietary mix of tools and know-how collectively orchestrates much of how we work. All facets including sales, support, suppliers, demolition and removal, hauling, site clean-up, material installation, and even administration.

Customer Benefits Significantly

From measurable fewer mistakes in coordination to rapid and better decision making at all levels, shorter and more precise job lead times, more satisfied and aware crews. The result is an overall better experience for all.


The company's mission is simple:

1. Do what we do and never stop striving to do it better.

2. Treat people with respect and fairness.

3. Uphold the highest integrity.

4. Use only the finest materials.

We believe if we perform consistently at the highest level, we will prosper and grow. So far, so good.


What We Do

At our core, we are a high-performance siding, windows, and roof replacement company. Over time, customers convinced us to add to our core competencies. We added patios, rain gutters, outdoor kitchens, insulation, and more. We've always been excellent home painters too. If it's outside the home, it's firmly in our wheelhouse. HES Interior remodeling experience includes bathrooms and kitchen renovations, also set up by satisfied exterior customers. We may expand more formally into kitchen and bathroom remodeling in the future as demand persists.

Alone At The Top

Home Exterior Systems is alone among contractors holding the highest ratings across ALL primary customer review sources simultaneously year after year. These respected review sources include:

  • HOME ADVISOR®, and
  • HOUZZ®

Guild Quality Extra Special

Of these, and perhaps the lesser-known "Guild Master" is awarded yearly for achieving a ninety-five percent or higher satisfaction grade. If you want to know you are getting a great contractor, it's hard to beat a "Guild Master" award winner. And, if you find a contractor that qualifies for Guild Master every year, you've found somebody very special. Somebody like Home Exterior Systems.


Many contractors are members of the BBB. Home Exterior Systems, LLC, is no exception. We are quite proud of our record of excellence with the BBB. HES has qualified for its annual Award for Excellence 8 years running.

James Hardie Elite Preferred / Presidents Club

Finally, HES is among the small percentage of James Hardie siding contractors designated as James Hardie ELITE PREFERRED contractors in the entire area. This distinction is an honor, it's hard-earned, and we are proud of it. Why does this matter to you, the customer? Well, in addition to reviews, testimonials, and excellent customer service, it's the manufacturer's strongest endorsement. It's how you know that the James Hardie company says we are among the very best certified installers of James Hardie. Moreover, we've proven it over and over again. That's the "peace of mind," most homeowners want.

Referral Business

Most years, more than forty percent of HES business comes from referral and repeat customers. HES co-owner and partner, Patrick McCollim, is proud of that statistic. "Doing great work, using the best materials, and expert installers who don't cut corners, never goes out of style," according to Pat. He's right.

HES staff knows it's challenging to satisfy every single customer 100 percent…but they'll keep trying anyway!

Thank you for considering Home Exterior Systems for your home improvement project.