Dear Neighbors and Friends, 

We’ve made it to February 2021 and we continue to press on the best we can! Active COVID-19 cases remain high in the Greater Houston area, Home Exterior Systems remains diligent in our response to serving customers.  This pandemic continues to frustrate us and we know the frustration continues for so many of our neighbors too. Just know that we continue to do our best to work around scattered product availability and some scheduling challenges. Not much has changed about our safety regimen, but we thought we would repost our commitment to keeping our team members and customers safe as possible as we work.

Following CDC, state, county safety recommendations

Many of our team members have high-risk family members and we continue to follow mandated guidelines in effect. 

We’re working hard, practicing safety first

While HES is open and operating, it is far from business as usual. Our Project Managers are working hard to keep the crews safe, staffed, and on schedule. That is a considerable challenge. At times, the Project Managers must fill-in for self-isolating crew members. The result of this is that our Project Managers are VERY busy meeting the needs of customers and their ongoing projects. 

Proposal and process delays continue to be possible

Your safety and that of our team is our highest priority. We appreciate your understanding in the unusual event that we slip in our scheduling of your project. We’re not making excuses, but instead sharing the reality of the challenge before us.  

Thank You For Your Patience

It’s was a most challenging 2020. 2021 is starting off with some hopeful signs for relief in the coming months. We are ready for 2021 and we are looking forward to serving you. Thank you so much for your support and your patience!

Pat, Vicky, & Caleb McCollim Co-owners