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[Posted on Oct 10]

Did you know that old, single-paned windows can waste energy? It’s hard to believe that windows can run up your energy bills every month, but it’s true. Old windows that haven’t been properly cared for can contain cracks or breeches in their makeup. This allows air to come into your home, which results in higher heating bills. But you can save a lot of energy and money with Houston window replacement.

Let’s take winter and summer as two examples. During the winter, you may be getting a draft from the windows. As a result of additional cold air coming into your home, you turn up the heat higher than it normally has to be. The same thing holds true for summer. Heat comes in, making you turn up the air conditioner, which runs up your energy bill even more. It’s true in reverse as well. You’re letting out air or heat that can be used to heat your home when you have old, single-paned windows, especially in Houston. While it rarely gets very cold in Texas, you still want to be able to make your home energy-efficient, especially in big cities like Houston. Window replacement can seem like such a costly choice though.

Let’s look at the math. Replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones can save you a lot of money over time. Think about it as an investment. This is an investment that will save you energy and money by lowering the costs of your energy bills. If you replaced all your windows with something simple like vinyl, double-paned windows you could save hundreds of dollars a year. It is a fact that large homes eat up energy. This is doubly true of large metropolitan areas like Houston. Window replacement helps keep cold or heat trapped in your home by adding more insulation to your house, and covering those cracks that cause drafts and let heat or air conditioning to leak out of your home.

Even if you have a small home or a condo, replacement window in Houston can help save on energy. Home Exterior Systems, a window company Houston has a variety of windows to choose from that can fit within your specific needs and budget. Let our specialists consult with you today. We can recommend the best window options for saving energy throughout your home.

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