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Why Buy Replacement Windows by Dave Yoho When shopping for windows there are a number of questions that you will want answers for and because of that reason we can supply our customers with a variety of options. We want the perfect fit for your home so we are continually seeking out the latest products available. We offer a wide range of manufactures to compare and are always willing to investigate new options should the need arise. Some of the manufactures that we currently carry are: Simonton, Amcraft, Don Young, Pella, and Anderson. We will assist you with your individual needs based on architectural designs, styles, shapes, glass packages and other features to assess your needs and budget. We'll provide you with the information to make your window decision as easy as A, B, C.

  • Fusion-welded Frame and Sash Panel - provide one-piece strength and help increase weather-resistance and energy efficiency.
  • Premium Vinyl Construction - Requires virtually no maintenance to look beautiful for years.
  • Sloped Vinyl Sill - quickly directs water away from the door, helping to eliminate water infiltration.
  • Double-strength Tempered Glass - offers maximum strength and safety.
  • Narrow frame and Expansive Sightline - provide a large glass area for better views.
  • Color-matched Hardware - ensures a contemporary, streamlined appearance.
  • Fin Seal Weatherstripping - improves thermal efficiency and air infiltration.
  • Energy-efficient Glass Package - includes standard 3/4" I.G. Unit, Low E soft coat glass, Intercept Spacer System and an Argon gas fill working together for energy savings and comfort all year long.
  • Single Point Lock Handle - provides security and convenience.
  • Corrosion-resistant Rollers - ensure effortless operation and smooth performance over time.
  • Full Fiberglass Mesh Screen - is the perfect way to fill your home with Fresh air (not shown).

Glass Features

  • Fusion-welded Frame and Sash Creates a strong one-piece design that helps prevent air and water infiltration.
  • Prosolar Soft Coat Low E Glass - Increases thermal efficiency and greatly reduces ultraviolet infiltration.
  • Argon Gas Fill - Denser than air, Argon gas fills the insulating glass unit for additional insulation against temperature changes.
  • Dual Vent Latches - Provides partial ventilation without opening the sash to its fullest extent.
  • Recessed Tilt Latches - Streamlined latches easily release the sash to tilt in for trouble-free cleaning. (Double Hung only)
  • Dual Cam Locks - Dual low-profile, color-matched cam locks secure the window tightly for peace of mind and increased weather resistance.
  • Overlapping and Interlocking Meeting Rail - The patented meeting rail creates an extra tight sealy increasing protection against air and water infiltration.
  • Tilt-in/Lift-out Sash - Sash tilt in and lift out for easy cleaning of both sides of the window from inside the home. (Double Hung only)
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force 3/4" Coil Spring Balance System - Effortlessly raise and lower your window with this dependable design feature that never needs adjusting. (Double Hung only)
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force 3/4" Coil Spring Balance System - Effortlessly raise and lower your window with this dependable design feature that never needs adjusting. (Double Hung only)
  • Double-strength Glass - Extra-thick glass increases strength and resistance to breakage and includes a standard 3-year Glass Breakage warranty.
  • Contoured Extruded Lift Rails - Streamlined rails are molded into the sash and will not loosen or break off over time.
  • Triple-stepped, Sloped sill - Unique design moves water away from your window and home.
  • Pivot alignments System - Creates perfect alignment between the sash and the frame for continuous smooth operation. (Double Hung only)
  • Fiberglass Mesh Screen - Superior fiberglass mesh is durable and crease resistant. (Not shown)
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty - A comprehensive warranty covers vinyl hardware screens and insulating glass units on all prisms platinum windows.

Glass Options

  • With a 7/8 '' insulating glass unit, Prosolar- soft coat Low E glass and an Argon rashly, the standard features on Prisms by Simonton Platinum windows create an energy-efficient product. To take your platinum windows to an even greater level of efficiency the strategic features in our optional glass packages will accomplish the task.
  • LoE-366* Increased efficiency is achieved with a 1" I.G. unit, Super spacers, LoE-366* glass and an Argon gas fill.
  • Aristopane Quatro AR - This package employs a 1" I.G. unit, Super Spacer, Dual Prosolar soft coat Low E glass and an Argon gas fill to help increase efficiency and comfort.
  • Triple Pane 366 - A triple-paned, 1" insulating glass unit along with the solid silicone Super spacer, LoE-366* glass and an Argon gas fill creates a substantial barrier against temperature transfer.
  • Hipro A.R Dual Prosolar Low E soft coat glass with an Argon gas fill helps this triple-paned 1" insulating glass unit enhance efficiency in warm or cold climates. In addition, the Super Spacers easy flexes with temperature fluctuations to maintain a watertight seal.
  • WhisperGlass features impact-resistant laminated glass that consists of a durable inter-layer sandwiched between two layers of glass. Laminated glass offers increased safety, sound control, UV protection and energy efficiency. Each package also has a double-strength 1" insulating glass unit, Super Spacer and ProsolarT soft coat Low E glass with an Argon gas fill.

HardiPlank® Sidings
For over 100 years, James Hardie® has been the industry leader in building products and dedicated to just one thing, protecting homes against the ravages of time and the elements. The result is that today no other siding company is more trusted by the industry than James Hardie®. And for some very good reasons. There’s our 30-year nonprorated, transferable, limited warranty.
As over 5.5 million homeowners in North America can attest, there's not another like it. And why wouldn't they. Homeowners expect more from their siding today. Durability. Ease of maintenance. Beauty. Character. And that's exactly what you can promise them when you specify James Hardie® like wood, HardiePlank® lap siding is thick and rich with texture. But unlike wood, HardiePlank® lap siding resists rotting. It's impervious to insects. It resists peeling. It resists fading. It resists cracking. It holds paint so long, that unless you decide to change colors, it'll be a very long time before you see another paintbrush.
And because James Hardie® gives you a lot more architectural design options than brick or stucco, you have more freedom to make your home look exactly the way you want.
HardiePlank® lap siding offers enormous advantages over conventional siding materials, with an unsurpassed ability to stand up to the elements. For its strength, beauty and durability. HardiePlank® lap siding is simply the best lap siding for enhancing and protecting homes.
HardiePlank® lap siding is manufactured with James Hardie® exclusive sealer and primer. This proprietary process ensures a uniform coverage providing an excellent surface for paints.

HardieShingle® siding
For sidewall applications HardieShingle© siding offers the distinctive look of wood shingles with the low maintenance and durability of fiber-cement. For smaller coverage areas, individual shingles are available in different widths for a terrific hand-crafted look. HardieShingle siding panels offer different decorative edges for quick installation in larger areas. James Hardie© siding products are available with a 30-year limited transferable product warranty.

Would you ever buy half a home?
Of course not. While there are other options of siding, only James Hardie® provides a complete line of siding products including soft fit, trim, and fascia that are all engineered for your specific climate. Each component is kept beautiful for decades with a factory-applied, baked-on coating of paint that was engineered to stand up to the high UV levels that fade most field-applied paints in just a few short years. Only James Hardie® siding products with ColorPlus® Technology offer you this kind of complete siding solution. It's beauty without a timetable. It's character with low maintenance. It's peace of mind your won't find anywhere else.
Outdoor Living Spaces
Outdoor living areas are one of the additions you can make when it comes to remodeling your home. After all, what's better than creating a space that allows you to spend more time outdoors appreciating and enjoying nature? If low maintenance, long lasting, healthier, and more environmentally friendly decks, patios, and porches sound like a good choice for you and your home please call us to discuss your project.
Many times a house is judged by its exterior. So it's little surprise that among the home improvement projects most appreciated by buyers are midrange wood deck additions, and siding replacements. According to Remodeling magazine's 2008-2009 Cost vs. Value Report, which looks at the return of investment for various remodeling projects. Owners who put decks on their homes recouped 81.8 percent of their money, and siding replacement projects gave homeowners 80.7 percent of a return on investment.
Call today for a free estimate!
Let HARDI SYSTEMS help you select the right roof for your home. We will assist you with the right materials at the right price so you can make the right decision.
We offer a wide variety of services to meet your requirements. Call us today to discuss your project.
Maintenance Services
Maintenance is defined as work that is done regularly to keep a machine, building, or piece of equipment in good condition and working order. One of the services we pride ourselves on is the maintenance we like to offer to our customers. We like to say, "We give you a brand new house at the same old address" and we offer ongoing maintenance to assure your house retains that beautiful appearance. Call us to discuss any maintenance projects you would like preformed on your home.
Home Improvement Services
We can give you a brand new house at the same old address. Home improvements have never been easier. We have experience with siding windows, additions, decks, patio covers, fences, concrete roofing, interior & exterior painting and other services. Call us today and find out what we can build for you.

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"Replaced exterior paneling and hardiplank Excellent job... Great three man skilled crew w/good English speaker... Owner observed entire job process Tended to details Hands on supervision in touch with project process daily... Low bid w/spelled out contract agreement in detail... Began and ended project timely... Installed vents and replaced light fixtures with owner purchased materials... professional operation from bid to payment."

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