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Why is Home Exterior Systems One of the Best Window Companies in Houston?

If you are losing energy out of your windows on a daily basis, or you fear that they are too prone to burglaries, it is time to start shopping around for window companies. Houston based Home Exterior Systems is one of the premier window companies Houston has to offer. Using some of the most advanced technological features available on the market today, Home Exterior Systems ensures that you are not simply purchasing a pane of glass with a frame with your Houston window replacement – you are protecting your home from the elements, from outside intruders, and you are reducing your energy bill by sealing in the air in your home. Here are just a few of the advanced features found in Home Exterior Systems windows:

  • • LoE3 366 glass is one of the most advanced, c and energy-efficient glass options on the market.: This glass provides increased protection against ultraviolet infiltration and greater thermal efficiency.

  • Argon Gas Fill: Instead of filling the window with air like other window companies in Houston, Home Exterior Systems fills it with Argon gas, providing additional insulation and protection against temperature changes.

  • Dual Vent Latches: Looking to get some fresh air without opening the sash completely? Dual vent latches allow you to open it partially.

  • Dual Cam Locks: These locks provide great protection, giving you the peace of mind knowing your home is secure.

  • Double-strength Glass: Another safety feature that keeps intruders out.

  • Triple-stepped, Sloped Sill: This design offers extra protection from heavy rain by guiding the water away from your window and out of your home.

  • Fiberglass Mesh Screen: When you want to open the windows and allow lots of fresh air in, the screens are resistant to creases and durable so that you have a nice, clean appearance that will last a long time.

  • Optional StormBreaker Plus laminated glass - in addition to being designed to protect your home during severe weather will protect against intruder attempts it will reduce the ambient noise traveling to the interior of the house and lower your energy bills. You’ll receive a break-in warranty that covers lost/stolen property and possibly reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums

And while other window companies in Houston are going to send you a marketing company salesman, Home Exterior Systems lets you work directly with the contractor. This cutting out of the middleman not only keeps prices down, but it also ensures that you will have the best custom windows Houston can provide for your home. You can trust Home Exterior Systems because they have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 2005 and have not had a single complaint filed against them. And because they are owner-operated, you know that you will have the best installation of all the window companies in Houston. Call Home Exterior Systems today for your Houston window installation by calling 281-797-8367 or emailing us at [email protected].



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Clients Saying About Us

testimonials"Great job at a great price. All the crews were experienced and courteous. Job was done in a timely manner. Jay Sanchez is a good person, and the type of contractor that you wish for on every job."

- Houston, TX

"Absolutely the best."

- Katy, TX

"Replaced exterior paneling and hardiplank Excellent job... Great three man skilled crew w/good English speaker... Owner observed entire job process Tended to details Hands on supervision in touch with project process daily... Low bid w/spelled out contract agreement in detail... Began and ended project timely... Installed vents and replaced light fixtures with owner purchased materials... professional operation from bid to payment."

- Houston, TX

"Very thorough, polite and performed excellent service. Would highly recommend."

- League City, TX

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