Our Process

No errors or unpleasant suprises

Striving for perfection

Home Exterior Systems (HES) has been on a quest since 2003, a journey to be as efficient as possible while creating the best possible home improvement experience for our customers.

Many steps to coordinate

Home Exterior projects tend to have many moving parts. The nature of your exterior project means there may be dozens of tasks that need to be completed in a particular order and on time. From ordering specific materials, to scheduling material delivery, equipment, and crew. But none of this matters if we don't have required HOA approval or county permit (if applicable) beforehand.

Must complete each step to advance

Our HES Stairstep Process is designed to make sure everything happens predictably and transparently. Critical decisions like siding texture, paint and trim colors, must be determined to proceed with ordering materials, which then moves us toward a scheduled date for delivery and installation.

Our process prevents surprises

But this is just one small example. To avoid misunderstanding and confusion HES strives to make sure all decisions and choices are captured and shared securely and transparently between you and your HES team through our online project system.

All project info is stored

Everything about your project is recorded and captured, including decisions, approvals, permits, product numbers, paint colors. Even project photos or videos of before, during, and after completion get recorded in our online system daily.

Our process = happy customers

Our proprietary method for delivering best-in-class home exterior renovation results equates to a superior experience for homeowners. We can schedule dates with confidence, and we can make and keep our promises.

Home Exterior Systems' stair-step process
Home Exterior Systems has been continually refining it's customer care process with the goal of zero mistakes, misunderstandings, or mess-ups.
HES process strives to eliminate mistakes and miscommunication
HES process strives to eliminate mistakes and miscommunication