Why Avoid Storm Chaser Contractors?

Hit & Run Roofing - Storm Chasing Scam Specialists!

Beware of Storm Chasing Roofers who show up at your door right after big storms and offering work cheap. It’s almost always a bad idea to use them. Hire local contractors is always best.

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Shoddy Roofing Tactics Exposed

An example of premature roof hip failure due to poor installation

How Did We Get Here? We’ve decided to share some of the “tricks of the trade” and expose some of the most common shoddy roofing tactics used by far too many so-called roofing companies. Home inspectors see this stuff all the time. Most legit “white hat” roofing contractors see this stuff all the time too.…

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Seasonal Exterior Inspection Checklist by HES

HES Home Exterior Inspection Checklist

Updated: June 30, 2020 To untrained bystanders, the outside of the home may hold little interest on a day to day basis. It’s easy to glance at your home and assume all is well unless something glaring catches your gaze. However, time passes relentlessly while building materials naturally age and deteriorate in our brutal Houston…

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Honoring a 150 Year-Old Home

1900 Storm Survivor, Galveston, TX

Honoring a 150-year-old exterior home renovation the HES way means many things. At least partly, it means being responsible for preserving the legacy of the past. And appreciating that we are likely doubling or even tripling the useful life of this grand old home. A Challenging Privilege The Heights has so many historic homes, many…

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