Jeeves™ Customer Care and So Much More

Home Exterior Systems (HES) has been honing its customer care and operations for years. Many home exterior replacement projects deal with all sorts of exterior renovation including siding, windows, roofing, patios, gutters, and painting. It’s not unusual to replace all of the above during a home exterior remodel. Even with the simplest projects, there are many steps to coordinate. There are many moving parts which also means there are many potential problem areas. Enter Jeeves™ Customer Care to help.

What, Where, and When?

Just coordinating and scheduling material deliveries from various suppliers can be a real challenge sometimes. HES has meticulously assembled a propriety combination of tools and processes to avoid these bumps. Matched with a great team, all of this know-how helps to keep our customers happy. Moreover, it keeps their projects on-time and on-budget too. From scheduling to communications, and unexpected job scope changes, to weather and permits, there are literally hundreds of events and dependencies to manage. Luckily for HES Customers, there is Jeeves™ Customer Care.

Jeeves™ Customer Care is the embodiment of customer support at Home Exterior Systems (HES).
Jeeves, the reliable assistant at Home Exterior Systems

Meet Jeeves™

Jeeves is the all-knowing, always-on-call dutiful, and faithful assistant at your service 24/7. Even before you’re a customer, Jeeves™ knows about you and ensures that somebody is attending to your needs and answering your questions. Once you’ve agreed to engage Home Exterior Systems, Jeeves™ will keep all stakeholders informed of the next steps and timing. Customer Care, Sales, Project Managers, and even Suppliers and Manufacturers sometimes need updates for their role in your project. Regular updates and notifications, including photos and videos, and all key documents, pass through Jeeves™ Customer Care.

What exactly is Jeeves™?

Jeeves™ Customer Care is the embodiment of all that is customer support. It’s technology, know-how, innovation, highly skilled people, and technology. The internet securely enables all stakeholders, from the homeowners to the installation team. All communicate and stay informed using their smartphones, tablets, PCs, or just regular old telephone and email. The online system uses a hardened commercial project management system. Tailored by HES to suit our replacement contracting business and our customers’ needs. Add to that, all manner of documents, status updates, change orders, schedules, approvals, permits, warranties, and more coordinate through Jeeves™. Completed projects become securely archived for reference and warranty purposes.

Why should I care about Jeeves™?

You might be asking yourself “why should I care about Jeeves™ Customer Care?” Well, there are several reasons that Jeeves™ should matter to all homeowners getting their siding, windows, and roofing replaced.

  • Convenience: Homeowners may review details about their projects at any time of the day. Including status, scheduling, progress, problems, and holdups, and more.
  • Accuracy: Customers experience virtually zero (98.7% accuracy) mistakes in their material orders and deliveries. Thanks to the HES’s StairStep Process™ and Jeeves™.
  • Minimal Surprises: No unplanned surprises or confusion due to poor communication or non-communication is avoided.
  • Customer Control: Customers have more control over the pace of their project and the decisions that need to be made.
  • Warranty and Records: All warranty information is maintained by Jeeves™ for all materials and products on behalf of HES customers. For example: If you ever need to know which paint or colors we applied, we have that info. Or which model of Window we installed twenty years into the future, we got that covered too. Also, in the unlikely event your HES LifetimePlus™ roof fails, Jeeves™ Customer Care has that covered too.

Jeeves™ Customer Care makes everyone happier

Don’t settle for anything less than Jeeves™ to help manage your next home improvement project. There’s only one place to find Jeeves™ and that is exclusively at Home Exterior Systems, in Houston, TX. Call today, and let us share all the other many reasons why HES should be your contractor for life!