Jeeves VisiQuote™

Get a reliable budgetary estimate using your smartphone. It's safe, secure, and convenient. A COVID-19 approved process!

Best of All It's FREE!

1) VisiQuote™

Simply complete a contact form or call to ask for a Jeeves VisiQuote™ remote consultation.  You get an email confirmation with the next steps.

2) Snap Some Photos

Use your smartphone to take photos or short videos of your home to measure and communicate what needs to be done.

3) Video Conference

Here we will discuss specific project needs, details, and exchange ideas and options to clarify the project.

4) Process and Prepare

HES will pull together availability, pricing, and prepare your customized proposal complete with photo markup.

5) Proposal Review

We will review your proposal with you on a video call and provide you with a hard copy via Jeeves(TM) our online system. If everything checks out, you can digitally sign and we will schedule your project.

Jeeves VisiQuote IS