Multiple problems with your exterior?

Dealing with multiple problems involving your home's exterior, especially at the same time, can be daunting. We're here to help you with that. We've been there. Home Exterior Systems understands the stress and concern. It might be tempting to just ignore it and hope it goes away. We can tell you from lots of experience over the years that exterior home problems never fix themselves and always get worse in our harsh Houston climate.

Don't ignore problems

Among the worst things to do when you suspect you have multiple exterior problems within your home is to ignore them. Early detection and action can save you thousands of dollars. Disruption, related to more involved repairs, is much lower if you act sooner. Call an expert, like Home Exterior Systems, and ask them to check your symptoms out. HES will give you peace-of-mind to know what you're dealing with and what it will take to resolve the problems if any are found.

Your Home's Age

Depending on the materials and design of your home, years of exposure to the brutal Houston area's climate will take it's toll eventually. That is to say, no material is impervious to Mother Nature and Father time. The effects of age can be slowed with regular inspections and maintenance if done proactively.

Homes need regular maintenance

At least twice per year, you should diligently inspect your attic for signs of moisture. Check all around the home's walls for leaky penetrations such as faucets, AC lines, and electric receptacles and lighting. Inspect all around the windows for dried or cracked sealant and replace it if necessary. Look closely at your paint for chalkiness or peeling, and repaint it as soon as possible. Entry door seals should be replaced if you can see any light or feel any kind of breeze when closed.

framed and sheathed to solve multiple problems

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