Windows 201 – Residential Windows Part 2

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Windows 201

In our last window article, Windows 101, we covered a lot of the basics of windows. You can find it here. Homeowners looking for a more thorough explanation of the differences between single, double, and triple-pane glass, as well as the benefits of each should find this article useful.

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Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows, as you may expect, have one layer of glass. Homes built before the year 2000 and the original windows, quite likely have single-pane windows. Single pane windows offer minimal insulating properties and therefore do not do a great job of keeping out sound or summer heat. Local building code in the early 2000s changed to no longer allow single-pane windows to be used in new construction or as replacements, so we will not discuss the benefits of them.

Double Pane Windows for Home

Double pane windows contain two layers of glass with a layer of gas, typically argon gas, sandwiched between panes. The gas-filled space between the glass acts as an insulator. Double pane windows do a better job of helping your home feel more comfortable in the summer and warmer in the winter. Double pane windows also contain a low-emissivity liner, commonly referred to as low E, whose job is to reflect the sunlight away from the windows as a way of cutting back on the amount of heat that passes through it. The low E liner is positioned on the inner side of the outer pane. Being on the inside of the glass pane means that it will not be scratched off or damaged due to wear and tear.

parts of a windows Double Pane Benefits

One benefit of double pane windows is that they are better at insulating than single-pane windows. Your home feels more comfortable while also reducing your spending on energy bills. Additionally, double pane windows block UV rays, which protect your flooring and furniture from fading.

Are Triple Pane Windows Better?

Triple pane windows are, you guessed it, three layers of glass with two layers in between. The layers in between can be gas, rubber, or a combination of both. The extra layers make triple-pane glass more efficient, keeping out the heat and sound.

Laminate Glass For Residential Windows

As we talk about triple pane glass, this naturally leads to a conversation about laminate glass, being that it is one type of triple-pane windows. Laminate glass is a triple pane glass where one of the layers between the glass is made of a resin known for being flexible, robust, and easy to see through. The resin bonds to the glass so that it does not shatter if the glass breaks, similar to automobile windshields. Because of the robust and flexible resin, laminate glass keeps out sound much better than a regular window and has a component of security since it is tough to breakthrough.

Safety Glass for Residential Windows

Safety glass also includes tempered glass, but tempered glass doesn’t offer the element of security since. Tempered glass is heated to a higher temperature so that when it breaks, it does not create shards.

Additional Replacement Window Benefits

Anecdotally, some customers with severe allergies have noted that replacing their windows has afforded them improved air quality within their homes. There’s no disputing that properly installed, and high-quality replacement windows will reduce energy costs. The savings would depend on many factors, but it is measurable with a relatively quick return on investment. Consider also, that new windows also help with sound-isolation too. More than one customer has mentioned that in addition to better safety and security, their laminate glass has helped to quiet down the barking dog next door and general road and street noise.

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